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Our clients

Right from our startup phase in 2004, Campanile has worked for Fortune 500 companies and dynamic small & medium businesses. Since then, we have deliberately kept our business flexible and personal, focusing on deep and lasting relationships with a handful of trusted clients. Our consulting, coaching and people development projects are based on individual knowledge of participants, careful customisation and committed follow-up for genuine improvement. Our clients include major multinationals, successful small firms and a few public institutions.

Our previous and current clients
An example: Benteler
Leadership Development

Since 2015, our team has delivered workshops and coaching for the next generation of leaders at this automotive company.

Nissan logo.jpg
An example: DSM
Project Governance & Leadership

Campanile consultants have delivered advanced project governance and leadership workshops at this material science company since 2008.

An example: Alcatel-Lucent
Leadership Development Programme

Through a programme stretching over 2 years, Campanile assessed leadership potential, designed and delivered leadership skills workshops and coaching for about 100 managers.

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