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Campanile Programmes

Too many sales people go to work as if they went to battle. In fact, sales success lies in matching intimate knowledge about the product with deep understanding of client needs. 

Customer Focused Selling

A sure recipe for disaster is a salesperson who is focused on what he wants to say rather than what he wants to achieve. Scripts and Power Point slides help beginner sales reps through their first steps, but long-term sales growth depends on the ability to understand how clients make decisions. The salesperson’s job is to understand the need, provide the solution and guide the decision-making process.


Customer Focused Selling allows each sales rep to build success personal key strengths. It takes participants through the steps of understanding their own sales talents, stepping into the client’s world and getting results through genuine partnership.

What does a typical programme look like?


We start by listening to the client's description of their business, their sales goals and how sales teams presently work together including their successes and challenges. Before we set the specific goals for the programme, we conduct sales team assessment using a team sales skills inventory. Based on the outcome,  we choose the sales team(s) participating in consulting, coaching and workshops, and set clear goals for each activity of the programme.


The assessment we conduct int he Awareness phase provides the foundation for activities targeted at sales skills improvement on the individual, sales team and larger context. Sales people and managers may receive coaching in communication with prospects, and team collaboration. At workshops, we use assessment results to build new sales teams and improve existing ones according to each member's core talents and skills. If necessary, we prepare processes and templates to consolidate these improvements into the daily running of sales operations. Each activity builds on the results of the previous one, and can be adjusted accordingly.


Without proper follow-up, consulting, coaching and training becomes a distant memory after six months. We know how busy people are, and therefore we design our projects realistically. From simple reminders to refresher workshops, we offer a dozen ways to turn a single programme into a habit-changing journey of improvement. We also work together with our clients to ensure that levels, units and teams within the company support each other's improvement.

Key skills for sales effectiveness

Learn how to:

1. Identify 4 key sales behaviour types

2. Find out which sales tasks waste effort

3. Use empathy to assess client needs

4. Create a personalized sales cycle

5. Understand the motivation of decisions

6. Listen and ask strategic questions

7. Respond to unspoken requests

8. Use the right language with prospects

9. Present your value foundation

10. Create a strengths-based sales team

The workshop makes you able to:

  • Personalize sales skills development

  • Use your top strength to drive sales

  • Overcome skills gaps by teamwork

  • Assess needs more accurately

  • Facilitate better decisions

  • Build trust with prospects & clients

  • Create long-term partnerships

  • …and of course all this will give you focus and confidence when you sell!

What makes Customer Focused Selling effective?
  • It is based on the personal & team assessment

  • We work together with the client to define the outcome of the course

  • We customize the content of the course, including printed workshop material

  • Participants use current work-related examples to apply new methods

  • We use case studies based on information collected from the client

  • Participants create personal improvement plans that we will follow up

  • We carefully monitor the outcome of the course and

  • We provide our clients with detailed reports and follow-up plans

Our philosophy at Campanile is never to deliver the same programme twice. For customized solutions tailored to your industry and specific needs, contact us.

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