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Campanile Programmes

As a lucrative market for multinational firms with global outreach, China is opening, closing and changing at the same time. Such contradictions suit China’s ancient philosophies and modern political principles, but often confuse foreign executives who negotiate, invest, make deals and lead businesses in China or with Chinese business partners anywhere in the world.

Dragon Suit coaching: Working in China or with China

Dragon Suit Coaching is a flexible executive coaching programme for senior foreign managers and executives based in China or leading businesses with a high exposure to China. At the programme’s core are strategic lessons and practical methods that intercultural leadership consultant & coach Gabor Holch drew from interviewing China-based multinational executives for 3 years.

What will you take away from Dragon Suit coaching?

Dragon Suit coaching participants choose the format of delivery based on the complexity of their skills development area, available time and resources. See the flip-side of this leaflet for details on the three available formats: Speed Coaching (2 hours), Next-Level Coaching (5 hours) and Full Executive Coaching (10-20 hours)


Following the time-tested executive coaching method used by Gabor Holch and his team at Campanile Management Consulting, coaching progresses from a clear focus on necessary changes through key skills to new, productive habits.
Assessment: Compatibility with local & professional cultures in China
Awareness: Identifying key intercultural, expat & leadership challenges
Skills: China-specific methods for personal effectiveness & leading others
Habits: Application, feedback & improvement at daily leadership work


A rare personal gift:


Participants of Dragon Suit coaching receive their personally signed copies of the book, published in August 2023.

Previous clients include
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