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For early adopters, remote work was a cool trend. Then, it became an upgrade for teams and firms that grabbed its benefits early enough. Now it’s for survival. But sudden changes put people under pressure and amplify both differences and conflict, especially if they aren’t voluntary. When forced out of their comfort zones, people argue, snap or withdraw, in virtual offices just like in brick-and-mortar ones.

Ready to Go Virtual?

Ready to go Virtual? is an executive coaching programme that combines a brand new remote team effectiveness survey with our thoroughly tested three-step coaching method to accompany management teams to their next level of virtual teamwork.


Through assessing the virtual strengths and weaknesses of international management teams, then enhancing what goes well and improving challenging areas, the programme makes sure that the talent, motivation and experience of the team does not lose part of its value in virtual translation.

From self-awareness to productive habits


Using the brand new Remote Team Development Survey developed by our strategy partner OD Tools, we map the management team’s virtual work strengths and weaknesses including coordination, learning ability, team spirit and technical aptitude. We use this fact-finding round to align coaching activities with the team’s industry, culture, current challenges and strategic goals. Simply put, Campanile never delivers the same programme twice.


Through 5 virtual team coaching sessions, each lasting for an hour, we discuss the team’s virtual work strengths and weaknesses, find ways to use strengths more widely and consistently, and learn specific skills to overcome problem areas. Team members propose specific work situations where we practice new skills and create action plans with tasks assigned to individual members. Between sessions, the team brings new methods back to work and tracks how cooperation and results change.


As virtual coaching sessions alternate with work application, the participating management team improves through an on-the-job learning experience whose impact lasts beyond the coaching. The Remote Team Development Survey creates team awareness of the most important improvements to make. Team members keep each other accountable of using new skills, and pass them on to others in and outside of the team. If needed, we can reassess the team’s improvement in a few months.

The skills you need: Assessment + 7 hours of coaching


  • Assess your team’s overall virtual readiness score.

  • Find out if team members find, learn and adapt new methods fast enough.

  • Evaluate how well the team cooperates and gets results through remote work.


  • Assign the right people to set goals, motivate, coordinate and evaluate tasks.

  • Productively combine virtual communication and task-focused time.

  • Create and align strength-based sub-teams for specific tasks.


  • Use the assessment result to launch ever new initiative, task and project.

  • Improve trust and team spirit by creating virtual-work success stories.

  • Develop leadership behaviours that help your team, clients and partners.

What makes the programme effective?
  • It is based on the personal assessment

  • We work together with the client to define the outcome of the course

  • We customize the content of the course, including printed workshop material

  • Participants use current work-related examples to apply new methods

  • We use case studies based on information collected from the client

  • Participants create personal improvement plans that we will follow up

  • We carefully monitor the outcome of the course and

  • We provide our clients with detailed reports and follow-up plans

Our philosophy at Campanile is never to deliver the same programme twice. For customized solutions tailored to your industry and specific needs, contact us.

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