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Influencing is the art of gaining support  without conflict of interest. In today’s increasingly cross-functional organizations, successful leaders use influence rather than formal authority to get results. Becoming an effective influence requires self-awareness clear goals and empathy.

Influence without Authority

Influencing skills do not depend on power, personal charisma or the size of your network. In order to influence others, people need to identify their objectives, use empathy to understand their position and propose a solution that suits both sides’ purposes.


The programme is based on awareness about each participant's natural influencing style, the understanding of working for mutual gain, and a lot of practice with realistic situations. People return to work from this workshop with the discovery of new options to explore in situations they encounter every day.

What does a typical programme look like?


We start the project by listening to the client's description of their business, the situations where people influence each other, the successes and challenges they experience. Before we commit to any changes, we conduct individual assessment using personality or behavioural tools chosen either by the client or by Campanile. Finally, we set clear goals and decide on the best ways to accomplish them: consulting, coaching, workshops or more.


Now that we are familiar with our client's influencing practices, goals and challenges, we design and deliver customised  methods in the form of individual and group coaching, skills development and workshops. Participants spend most of the time practicing industry-specific case studies and real-work scenarios under realistic time pressure. They prepare personal action-plans and receive peer feedback. Each activity builds on the results of the previous one, and can be adjusted accordingly.


Without proper follow-up, consulting, coaching and training becomes a distant memory after six months. We know how busy people are, and therefore we design our projects realistically. From simple reminders to refresher workshops, we offer a dozen ways to turn a single programme into a habit-changing journey of improvement. We also work together with our clients to ensure that levels, units and teams within the company support each other's improvement.

Key skills for influencing

Learn how to:

1. Clarify your objectives

2. Understand the other side’s objectives

3. Identify your ‘exchange currencies’

4. Gain support from all levels

5. Take the lead when others do not

6. Maintain an action-focused attitude

7. Motivate others to cooperate

8. Deal with ‘difficult people’

9. Influence upwards

10. Create an influence strategy

The programme enables you to:

  • Initiate action and change

  • Take action across functional lines

  • Influence within or between teams

  • Share resources for efficiency

  • Share credit and empower others

  • Get results with less time and pressure

What makes Influence without Authority effective?
  • It is based on the personal & team assessment

  • We work together with the client to define the outcome of the course

  • We customise the content of the course, including printed workshop material

  • Participants use current work-related examples to apply new methods

  • We use case studies based on information collected from the client

  • Participants create personal improvement plans that we will follow up

  • We carefully monitor the outcome of the course and

  • We provide our clients with detailed reports and follow-up plans

Our philosophy at Campanile is never to deliver the same programme twice. For customized solutions tailored to your industry and specific needs, contact us.

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