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Our Method

We care for clients and their goals

In 2004, we started Campanile to bring cutting-edge people development methods to Asia and turn them into flexible, user-friendly consulting projects. Since then, our geographic reach has expanded but our fundamental goal hasn't changed.

At the heart of Campanile’s long-lasting cooperation with clients is genuine care for each individual member of teams, companies and institutions we support. We start each project by listening, assessing and understanding. We discuss and select carefully targeted changes, which we then turn into consulting, coaching and workshops.

Finally but perhaps most importantly, we stay in touch with our clients after the conclusion of our projects, and advise them on consolidating new habits and methods.

Awareness, skills and habits

The individual focus of our work implies that we never deliver the same product twice. Carefully defining a small number of impactful changes takes additional work at the start, but ensures lasting results later.

What does a typical project look like?

There is no typical project, because the Awareness phase reveals circumstances, habits and ambitions unique to each client. But our method provides a roadmap we can use on our journey.


We start the project by listening to the client's description of their business including goals, achievements, challenges and desired improvement. We discuss possible approaches to work together. Before we commit to any of them, we conduct individual and group assessment using the client's own tools or ones that Campanile newly recommends. Finally, we set clear goals and decide on the best ways to accomplish them: consulting, coaching, workshops or more.


Now that we are familiar with our client's circumstances, goals and challenges, we design and deliver leadership and people development programmes to those who need them. These include the creation of policies, the introduction of tools and methods, on-going workforce assessment, individual and group coaching, skills development and problem-solving workshops. Each activity builds on the results of the previous one, and can be adjusted accordingly.


Without proper follow-up, consulting, coaching and training becomes a distant memory after six months. We know how busy people are, and therefore we design our projects realistically. From simple reminders to refresher workshops, we offer a dozen ways to turn a single programme into a habit-changing journey of improvement. We also work together with our clients to ensure that levels, units and teams within the company support each other's improvement.

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