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What is your team-work colour?

How much do you know about your closest colleagues' decision-making, problem-solving and conflict styles? How much do you know about your own? In teams, the combination of individual personalities and styles determines the outcome of efforts, the way colours make a picture.

On 22 June 4-6pm, we will discover our 'team colours' and understand how they effect personal and team success, at a creative office space on Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai.

In her recent studies, brain scientist and entrepreneur Helen Fisher identified four basic approaches to team work depending on personality. Understanding your 'team colour' reveals where your motivation comes from, how you approach decisions, risk and conflict, and how you collaborate with people whose approach is different from yours.


Join us at MiXpace, a hip new co-working space in the heart of Shanghai, grab some refreshments and ease into discovering different personal styles.


Plunge into teamwork with people you know and some you don't, identify your 'team colour' and discuss its implications with others - of any colour.


Now that you've warmed up, time for the hard work! Understand team colours one-by-one, experience their strengths and weaknesses, and play with combinations that reflect your actual team at work, your imagined ideal or accidental arrangements that result from discussions.


Return, discuss your findings with us and compare them with the experience of Campanile Management Consulting, brought to you by founder Gabor Holch.


Participants of 'What is your team-work colour' can learn about a great way to discover your team-work style: psychometric tools. Scan the code on the wall to claim a free assessment of your own choosing, including our personality, behavioural, 360, motivational and team performance assessments, which includes a free discussion with a Campanile consultant about the results.

Join us, bring a guest, discuss, brainstorm, role-play, debrief and all that stuff that people do in a stimulating, interactive learning environment.

Facilitator: Gabor Holch, founder of Campanile Management Consulting.

Venue: MiXpace, 566-576 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai

上海市 淮海中路566-576 号

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