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When they face challenges, leaders and teams are encouraged to make a mental list of their goals, resources and options. But while reason can provide direction, it will never trigger inspiration. People who motivate themselves and others tap into sources of energy that puzzles colleagues, friends and sometimes even the inspiring role models themselves. 

Journey to the Summit

Journey to the Summit is a unique workshop where leaders and teams harness the power of self discovery and storytelling methods used by novelists and filmmakers, and learn to exceed expectations with the help of their personal values, experience and lifelong dreams.

When satisfying standard performance requirements isn’t enough any more, gather around your most trusted team members and embark on a journey where you revisit childhood heroes, recall your hardest challenges and share your most personal reasons to make a difference. In the end, return to work with the team’s shared wisdom and a reinvigorated commitment to excellence for its own sake.

What does a typical programme look like?


We start the project by listening to the client's description of their business, corporate and leadership culture, the inspiraation and challenges that people experience. Before we commit to any changes, we conduct individual assessment using personality or behavioural tools chosen either by the client or by Campanile. Finally, we set clear goals and decide on the best ways to accomplish them: individual workshops, workshops and coaching combined or more.


Now that we are familiar with our client's leadership practices, goals and challenges, we design and deliver customised leadership methods in the form of individual and group coaching, skills development and workshops. Depending on the client's needs, the focus may be on the transition to leadership, inspiring others or more. Participants spend most of the time practicing self-discovery methods and applying them to work-related situations. Each activity builds on the results of the previous one, and can be adjusted accordingly.


Without proper follow-up, consulting, coaching and training becomes a distant memory after six months. We know how busy people are, and therefore we design our projects realistically. From simple reminders to refresher workshops, we offer a dozen ways to turn a single programme into a habit-changing journey of improvement. We also work together with our clients to ensure that levels, units and teams within the company support each other's improvement.

Key skills for storytelling leaders

Learn how to:

1. Discover deep-seated motivations

2. Understand what inspires others

3. Discover the power of personal narratives

4. Apply 3 story types to your life and work

5. Turn your life story into inspiration

6. Discuss sensitive issues constructively

7. Create inspiring narratives for your team

8. Reframe hardship and conflict

9. Build an energising storytelling culture

The workshop makes you able to:

  • Overcome professional challenges

  • Turn self-awareness into motivation

  • Communicate more honestly

  • Motivate with own and company values

  • Build a positive team culture

  • Help others to develop themselves

  • …and of course all of this will give you clarity and confidence at work.

What makes Journey to the Summit effective?
  • It is based on the personal assessment

  • We work together with the client to define the outcome of the course

  • We customize the content of the course, including printed workshop material

  • Participants use current work-related examples to apply new methods

  • We use case studies based on information collected from the client

  • Participants create personal improvement plans that we will follow up

  • We carefully monitor the outcome of the course and

  • We provide our clients with detailed reports and follow-up plans

Our philosophy at Campanile is never to deliver the same programme twice. For customized solutions tailored to your industry and specific needs, contact us.

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