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Stay connected with intercultural and leadership skills development any time, anywhere. In 2020 and beyond, we host monthly webinars and post videos of past events that introduce typical challenges, tools, cases, habit-building practices and guest experts.

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During the first quarter of 2020, as COVID19 developed from a local Chinese health crisis into a global pandemic, the mobility of people between China and the rest of the world has come to a standstill. Despite the consensus that restrictions are both necessary and temporary, foreigners with jobs, livelihoods, loved ones or business relationships in China anxiously watch the post-COVID horizon. How will yet another 'new normal' in China look, work and feel? The video is a 90-minute virtual panel discussion between Arie Schreier, General Manager of the PTL Group, Zachi Lichtblau, Partner at Bonnard Lawson Shanghai and David Ammerschlaeger, Head of Psychology at Shanghai ChinghHo Clinic and Gabor Holch, intercultural leadership coach and founder of Campanile Management Consulting.

Campanile webinar Old and new challenges

Diversity: The 'immune system' of international teams

How should leaders and managers respond to unexpected hazards, risks and unpleasant surprises? Declare a war and act as a general? Energise and encourage out-of-the-box mindsets? Listen, coordinate and support, or perhaps act as a decisive implementer of emergency processes? Choices depend on the personality, nationality and background of each manager, not to mention each team member.  In this one-hour webinar intercultural leadership consultant Gabor Holch demonstrates advantages and disadvantages of four fundamental leadership styles, and their most successful uses when management teams tackle critical situations. This webinar was recorded on 2020 April 9.

Gabor Holch webinar Diversity:  The immu

What on Earth is Intercultural Leadership?


Intercultural skills are not about 'doing business with Germans' or 'managing Chinese teams'. In today's interconnected global environment, managers who leave their cultural comfort zone must deal with multiple nationalities, ethnic and professional groups, not to mention age, gender and more. Gábor Holch introduces typical situations when leadership becomes an intercultural task, two essential tools and a few cases to illustrate their applications.. This webinar was recorded on 2020 February 19.

Gabor Holch webinar What on earth is int

How can teams work better in times of crisis?


When the unexpected happens and pressure rises, people show their true colours. Unfortunately, that may lead to personal conflict in teams exactly when cooperation is needed the most. This webinar was recorded on 2020 February 27.

Gabor Holch webinar How can teams work b
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