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What do we do?

Start new journeys with clear destinations

Campanile Management Consulting is a Shanghai-based network of senior consulting associates across Asia and Europe. Our job is to bring the latest intercultural leadership know-how to global businesses of all sizes in a flexible and people-focused manner. Our consultants are multinational, multilingual and bring experience in a wide array of fields including leadership, management, foreign trade, diplomacy, psychology, philosophy, law, economics and more. Each of us have at least a decade of consulting experience in multiple countries.

Since 2005, Campanile and its associates have served over a hundred multinational clients in 25+ countries. From fact finding and assessment to coaching, workshops, keynote speeches and advisory, we accompany our clients along their entire global leadership journey. Through an international network of partner firms, we access the best and latest of intercultural management and leadership methods, and deliver them in a flexible, personalised way.

‘How should I do business with Indian, Chinese or Brazilian managers?’ is the wrong question to ask in a world where business leaders must juggle multiple cultures on their first expat assignment. When a European leader’s multinational team serves several Asian countries from a Hong Kong office, which culture is the key to results?

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Promotion into a leadership position requires a radical re-thinking of one’s methods, relations and performance. But there is not enough time and energy to learn new skills. The programme gives new leaders the fundamental tools they need to step to the next level.

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A shared goal, alignment, roles and the variety of personal views can guarantee that the team will be smarter than the team members combined. But building such a team requires a careful assessment of the current situation and a strong commitment to shared team goals, values and working methods.

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Dragon Suit Coaching
Dragon Suit Pudong.jpg

A flexible executive coaching programme for senior foreign managers doing business in China or with China, or Chinese managers at Western multinationals. At its core are strategic lessons and practical methods  from interviews with China-based multinational executives for 3 years.

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Get Global DISC certified Campanile Mana

There’s an app for culture: learn to assess cultural compatibility in any country, firm or situation, for yourself and others. Get certified in Global DISC, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited, multi award-winning intercultural assessment tool.

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We tried to make our site as informative as possible, but of course you will have your questions and we will have ours. To provide your team with one of the programmes above, contact us for a call or meeting. 

Tank you, we will reply soon!

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