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Global people skills aren’t optional any more. International business has reached managers of tiny startups in Mumbai or multi-billion firms in Manhattan even if they have never been abroad. Many companies we advise and coach have management teams with more nationalities than members, zigzagging between physical and virtual appointments in three continents.

There's an app for culture: Get Global DISC certified

Global DISC is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited, multi award-winning behavioural model explaining how personality type and cultural background influence the three layers of  identity: WHAT, HOW and WHY we do act, feel and think the way we do on the individual, organisational and national levels. Join us online with fellow executives, HR Managers, entrepreneurs and trainers who wish to add the latest people analytics tool to their solutions and advanced intercultural skills to their professional profile.

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What does the workshop look like?


We start with awareness: You will understand personality in general and DISC profiles in particular. You will discuss your and your colleagues’ profiles for natural work styles, strengths and weaknesses, communication, decision, leadership and conflict behaviours. You will learn specific applications of Global DISC: hiring, talent and skills development, teamwork, leadership, coaching and conflict management. 


We focus on the right skills: You will learn to see individual talent in the context of national and corporate cultures. You will discuss the matches and mismatches between individual work styles and the values of different cultures, and how culturally agile managers handle diversity. By working on real or realistic case studies, you can apply your new skills, experience typical challenges of Global DISC applications and discuss constructive solutions with fellow participants.


We build lasting habits: You will understand, analyse, discuss and solve specific cases with Global DISC involving goals, teamwork, cultural diversity and performance. You will also practice using the Global DISC online user interface and coaching tool. Depending on the needs and preferences of the participant(s), you will prepare for advanced applications of the system such as creating comparative and team reports, in-house training and coaching.

What you will take away from the workshop?


4 Zoom-based virtual sessions or a 2-day workshop including presentation, digitally pre-shared materials and interactive discussions.


  • GBP 1,290 (British Pounds) for the entire programme (convert it to your currency below)

  • Participants with a current training, coaching or consulting contract with Campanile Management Consulting enjoy a 10% discount.

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  • Complete training and sales material pack

  • Your login information to the Global DISC online portal to send your own assessment

  • Live webinar after the training with our Master Trainer

  • Your own, co-branded promotional video

  • 20% discount on the next level of ICQ certification within 6 months

  • Most importantly: 20 Global DISC credits (worth over GBP 1,300)


If you miss one of the sessions, don't panic: catch up with a 2-hour personal session for EUR500. Further sessions are available when needed for problematic cases.


Simply contact us for the next steps.

Your workshop facilitator
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Gabor Holch, Campanile's founder, is an intercultural leadership consultant, coach, author and speaker who has served 100+ clients in 30+ countries. An expat since age 4, China-based since 2002 and working globally, Gabor is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) in English and Mandarin, certified at the management academies of half a dozen global corporations and licensed in major assessment tools including DISC, the Predictive Index, NeuroColor and MBTI. 

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