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Campanile Webinar

Leading a firm or business unit seemed much easier and more glamorous before the COVID19 pandemic than today. The last two years have hardened all aspects of leadership: planning, finding people, creating and motivating teams and even rewarding them without off-site team building and overseas postings. Many companies decide that in times of such crisis, leaving current leaders in place might be better, but deep down they know that new circumstances call for new views, ideas and methods, in other words—new leaders.

Who’s next? At his 90-minute webinar, Shanghai-based intercultural leadership consultant Gabor Holch demonstrates the power of behavioural assessment systems in finding urgent areas of leadership succession in companies, business units and teams, identifying untapped leadership potential among existing employees and matching essential responsibilities with the right international talent. The event compares the features and applications of two globally used assessment systems, Global DISC and Predictive Index, and shows why some leadership teams use one, the other or both.

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Leader succession across cultures and crises

​Date & time: 2021 December 2, 16:00-17:30 Beijing time (Convert with

Platform: Zoho (click & join)

Attendance fee:

  • Free for all

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Gabor Holch is an intercultural leadership consultant, coach, author and speaker who has served 100+ clients in 30+ countries. An expat since age 4, China-based since 2002 and working globally, Gabor is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) in English and Mandarin, certified consultant at the management academies of half a dozen global corporations and licensed in major assessment tools including DISC, the Predictive Index, NeuroColor and MBTI.

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