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The disappearing talent game

How many people in your organisation are considering moving on? How many are making plans today? What are their reasons? And what are some imaginative solutions to the problem?

On 23 May 4-6pm, we will discuss this and more as we play the 'disappearing talent game' at a creative office space on Aomen Road, Shanghai.

Studies claim that up to a fifth of workforces around the world are actively disengaged. But which of your people are getting fed up, and what can you do about it? Of course, there is always an issue of money and time. And yet, during the game we will find that most grievances are about intangible aspects of work, and therefore require little investment to fix — most of which investment isn't money.


Join us in Office 208 at "The Market", network and experience the first insights into the 'disappearing talent game'.


Give some serious thought to the reasons that make people quit, and compare it with the opinions of people from different companies and jobs.


Experience a simulated exit interview with a talented employee who decided to quit. Are the reasons as you expected? You are free to stage the interview in a meeting room, walking chat in the venue or even in the amphitheatre-style cafe area downstairs.


Return, discuss your findings with us and compare them with the experience of Campanile Management Consulting, brought to you by founder Gabor Holch.


Participants of the 'disappearing talent game' can learn about a great way to reduce the risk of disappearing talent: psychometric tools. Scan the code on the wall to claim a free assessment of your own choosing, including our personality, behavioural, 360, motivational and team performance assessments, which includes a free discussion with a Campanile consultant about the results.

Join us, bring a guest, discuss, brainstorm, role-play, debrief and all that stuff that people do in a stimulating, interactive learning environment.

Facilitator: Gabor Holch, founder of Campanile Management Consulting.

Venue: Office 208 (2nd floor), “The Market”, 280 Aomen Road, Shanghai

5-10 minutes on foot from Shanghai Subway Line 13, Jiangning Road Station

上海市 澳门路280号二楼208室

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